Mission Statement

Space Rock Collective doesn’t like music.  It loves it!  It wants to Marry It!  Our purpose is to dream, write, collaborate, record and play music live.  Simply for the joy of it.  We like Classical, Jazz, Rock, Hip Hop, Roots, Folk, Indigenous, Yacht Rock, Acid Jazz, Show Tunes, Reggae, The Blues and cheesy 80’s love songs.  Space Rock Collective is not limited to music but seeks to pull into its orbit:  Poets, Artists, Photographers, Writers, Architects, Designers, Creators, Scientists, Astronomers, Rocket Scientists, Space Cadets (training with Space X)  and Chemists.   The core of the collective is located in Shanghai, China.  However the Space Rock Collective is of the universe.  We seek to have East meets West, West meets East, Moon meets Sun, Venus meets Mars, Atoms meet Cells and Man meets Woman…… all simply for the Joy intrinsic in it.  From simple to Epic, Space Rock Collective wants to study and share the wonder of music.