Space Rock Collective brings classic rock to the cute little kids of rural china

On May 25, 26, 2017 Space Rock Collective was invited by our friend Xueyuan of Shanghai to visit a rural village one hour from Shaoxing Dong.  We had no expectations and man were we blown away.  We were received with great kindness and treated to great hospitality by our hosts.  Unfortunately the children were nearly crushed by the keyboard (Just joking of course!). Our setlist was:

1.  Gabriel (Susanna Original)

2.  Baby Can I Hold You Tonight – Tracy Chapman

3.  She Loves You – Beatles 

4.  Some Chopin by William 

5.  If I Ain’t Got You – Alicia Keys

6.  Bad Timing – Blue Rodeo (With some casual improv by Glen and Susanna.  Our apologies to Jim Cuddy)

7.  Ob Li Di Ob Li Da – Beatles (Sing along with children and dancing with William)

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