Space rock collective returns from banishment to jiashan market next saturday!

On March 4th of 2017 Space Rock collective was unceremoniously banished from the Jiashan market.  Why?  Because we were just too electric.  People could not handle it.  A commotion was caused (Similar to the Madonna song;  “you got the moves, I got he motion, if we got together we could be causing a commotion”).  Hearts were stirred and minds were bended.  Space Rock Collective put their “time out” to good use.  They mediated on what had caused them to be so repulsive and hopefully they are better people.  Better inside, with better human qualities such as insight and empathy.  Big News:


May 20th of 2017 will mark the triumphant return of Space Rock Collective to the Jiashan market.  We will be loading up the Westy and heading over to Jiashan and Jianguo lu’s.  Fear not Jiashan market we are a chastened and humbled lot.  Our music will  be cool and breezy!  We look forward to networking with all of the best local producers of fine food products in the fair city of Shanghai.



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