Shanghai’s First Ever “Spontaneous Micro Music Festival” April 28, 2017

Space Rock Collective (two of the principles) were sheepishly busking on dongping lu in Shanghai on Friday night when all sorts of Mayhem broke out.  Little did we know we were at the exit of the Shanghai Music Academy.  There had just been a performance by the China Youth Symphony Orchestra.  When they exited a whole “West Side Story” style faux knife fight broke out (Crips and Bloods take note).  Cooler heads prevailed  when road manager Jen yelled “Stop It!!!! Do you guys realize you are united in your love of music?  Why not stop the fighting and start rocking!”  And that’s what we did.  It turned into the first ever Shanghai Micro Music Festival tm.  We have trademarked the term with the intergalactic trade mark office.

Anyways,  Glen did “Harvest Moon” by Neil Young accompanied by Xie Liyuan (Xie Liyuan will be performing at Carnegie Hall in New York City Next Month).  Xie Liyuan then continued the festival with some Tchaikovsky.  Finally all hades  ensued when the boys broke out Cellos and violins for some Mozart in the Fragrant streets of the French Concession.

By the way if you want a good hang post show we strongly recommend “Green and Safe” 6 Dongping lu.  It’s got a great vibe.  Are we not all concerned with food safety these days here in China?  Well worldwide for that matter.  Also one of the NASA astronauts was in attendance at festival.  Weirdly he doesn’t like Neil, but loves Jim Croce.

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